The completed layout. Call this a minimalist's layout. There are just enough buidings and accessories to make it look nice but the layout's main purpose is to run trains, consists, and routes.




The City buildings and the background.

The factory area on the right main level.

The Shell refinery on the lower level on the right side.


The corner of the main level. Note the display cases on the right wall. They will come down and be replaced by a background that will match the one on the window wall.


A view toward the window wall. Note the coaling crane on the lower level.

The entire layout. Note the display cases are still mounted. They will be removed and replaced with background. Also note the Central Station and one Mobile Station. The entire layout is powered and controlled by two 60 VA transformers and the Central Station and one booster. I already have run 10 trains at the same time - 4 on the upper level, 4 on the main level, and two on the lower level.


Click here to see the next series of pictures which show the completed layout with buidings, cranes, and bridges installed.