Pictures of My ICE trains.
Here are some pictures of my ICE trains. Seen in the pictures are four ICE 2 trains and two ICE 3 trains.

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ICE trains ready to go as seen in the Eisenbahn Journal.

Five ICE trains wait to allow the ICE 3 on the mainline to pass.

A NS ICE 3 (Märklin 37781)waits with the sine (sinus) ICE 2 (Märklin 39710) and the double ICE 2 (Märklin 37712).

A NS ICE 3 waits with the sine (sinus) ICE 2 and the double ICE 2.

The DB ICE 3 (Märklin 37780)on the mainline passes an ICE 2 (Märklin 37701) and the Elisabeth ICE 2 (Märklin 3750).

The DB ICE 3 and a DB ICE 2 on the mainlines.

The NS ICE 3, the sine ICE 2 and the double ICE 2.

The NS ICE 3, the sine ICE 2 and the double ICE 2.

The DB ICE 3 on the mainline.

The Märklin DB ICE 3 BORD restaurant car has the motor that drives the train.

An ICE 3 and an ICE 2 side by side. Note the distinctly different engine fronts.

Six ICE trains in the industrial section of the layout.

Rounding the Shell Refinery.

The ICE trains rounding the curve.

Two Märklin cranes are seen with the ICE trains.

The ICE trains near the cement plant.

Six ICE trains at the switches that connect the yards with the industrial section.

Passing the factory.

The six ICE trains near the industrial yards.

Three ICE trains wait in the upper yard.

ICE trains wait in the upper level yard. Quite an impressive sight. Missing from the group are the ICE 1 and the Amtrak ICE which are in storage and the Sine ICE which is on a main level siding below.

A view of ICE trains waiting in the upper level yard with the ramp to the upper level of the storage rack in the background.

ICE trains wait in the upper level yard. The Elizabeth is in front of the double ICE train on the track closest to the ramp. Next is the DB ICE 3. Next is the ICE 2. And on the last track is the NS ICE 3.

In this view you can see the entire Elizabeth ICE.

A picture of the Amtrak ICE being tested on the Northeast Corridor, the Amtrak Boston-New York-Washington route. I took this ICE from NYC to Washington. It was a great ride. I don't know why Amtrak didn't select the ICE. I always wondered how the trains were transported from Europe. This picture was taken by Jim Kleeman for RailPictures Net

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