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TPL Homepage.

German/English Railroad Dictionary.

Ricky Glass' Railroad.

Martin Adler's Homepage - has a German/English Dictionary

Michael Coll-Barth's Homepage - great reference for track info and wiring guides

WorldRailFans forum.

Piet Brijs' Layout.

Juhan Palm's Marklin-Users Net - a site for users by users.

A link to a large number of model train manufacturers throughout the world.

John Oxlade's German Railways home page - a very, very comprehensive site. A must-visit site.

Hans-Peter Pfeiffer's Eisenbahn-Homepage. Many great pictures.

Phil Knife's Railway Pages - a great site for BEMO and other train info.

Greg Proctor's home page - filled with a great deal of useful information

Chris Coleman's home page - filled with a great deal of useful links to mainly American railroad history and information.

John's Swiss Railways Site - a comprehensive site featuring a Swiss N-gauge layout.

Wolfgang Meyenberg's Home Page with info on European Signals.

John Hinson's Home Page for all types of RR Signals.

Siegfried Grob's Bogobit Home Page - Link to Marklin sound module information.

Christian Splittgerber's Train page - pictures of German loks.

Juan Manuel Galan's pictures of French loks on the Champs Elysees (2003).

Jürgen Utecht's Train page - pictures of German loks.

NMRA Homepage - Links to 3,169 sites.

European Train Enthusiasts Homepage.

Märklin Mailinglist Homepage.

Modellbahn Collectors Homepage.

Paul Delcour's Trains Homepage.

Axel Hagel's Homepage.

Jan Brocker's Homepage.

Florian Schmidt's Eisenbahnseite

Marklin cartons or boxes - an interesting site showing (in German) different Markling boxes

The Hudson Valley Märklin Homepage.

Kenneth Pallund's Marklin Home Page - Has numerous links and info.

Nuernberg Train Museum.

DB Railroad Page.

Swiss Narrow Gauge Railroad Page.

Roco trains.

MTH trains.

Visit Railroad Mania to see other sites!

Visit the Märklin Mailing List site (MML). This is an excellent site for exchanging information on Märklin trains. Click on the icon below!.

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