Pictures of a DB train driver, Mark Keßler's, Epoch IV and Epoch V layout. Mark is a Märklin collector of Epoch IV and V and, of course, the loks he drives. Mark carries his job home with him to his layout. He creates a timetable for a consist which he decides to create. He begins by finding an available lok on one of his sidings, brings it to the track where the consist is and begins a timed route. As the consist follows its predetermined route Mark pays particular attention to the correct operation of signals and and makes sure that signal aspects are correct and true to the DB rules. That attention to detail comes in part from his father who worked in a switch tower until he retired. Now he works with Mark as on the two "specialists" who built and drive consists on this layout.

BR 103's at night.

Four BR 103's.


BR 217 and BR 218 diesel loks.

Depot at night.

Electric lok depot.

Main track - a 104.

A night scene.

Another night scene.

The oil and sand depots.

A consist of tractors pulled by a BR 211.

Mark's switchboard.

A family of ÖBB 1016's.

BR 150's waiting for assignment to a consist.

The pond.

The west junction.

The Nr. 352 Express - Praha - Nürenberg.

Rounding a curve on the way to the passgenger station.

The passenger station.

An overhead view of the layout.

Diesel switcher loks waiting for assignment.

Two kinds of horsepower on the layout.

The village.

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