The sign says it all - rebuilding a railroad.

LIRR's Kershaw tie crane in the Garden City yard.

The Plasser American PTS 62 Dynamic Track Stabilizer is designed to apply controlled, accurate stabilizing forces into the track structure at continuous speeds of up to 1/2 mph. All track is subject to settling due to traffic loads. This settling occurs irregularly and uncontrolled, resulting in track deterioration. Dynamic track stabilization is a combination of horizontal vibration and a vertical load on the track which accelerates initial settling during maintenance work. A deliberate, accurate settling is achieved with the aid of a reference system. In contrast to rail traffic which settles track in an irregular fashion, dynamic track stabilization consolidates ballast together more densely and more uniformly, thus reducing specific compression stress. Subsequent settlements are, therefore, only marginal and in this way a more geometrically exact track structure is produced with considerably higher vertical and horizontal stability.

A LIRR Plasser American Metro 4X4 in the Garden City Yard.

The Plasser American Universal Metro 4X4 is a heavy duty, high performance switch and production tamping machine. It is a multi-function tamping machine and has fully automatic track lifting, lining, and cross-leveling capabilities.

The LIRR Plasser American PBR 550 ballast regulator.

LIRR's #161 used to haul gondola cars with ties, anchors, track plates, spike and bolts in the Garden City Yard.

LIRR's #161 is a 1500 diesel engine which was also used to haul the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus consist.

LIRR #161 ready to haul a consist of gongola cars loaded with ties.

LIRR maintenance of the way cars in the Garden City Yard.

The Plasser American Metro 4X4.

The Plasser American PT 62 and PBR 550.

A Pandrol Jackson 925 tie remover.

The LIRR Plasser American PBR 550 ballast regulator..

A tie installer car.

The Plasser American PBR 550 ballast regulator.

A Kershaw tie installer.

A tie remover machine.

A tie installer car.

A Nordco tie installer car.

The Nordco tie installer.

A Kershaw kribber adzer.

Note the numbers on each car represent Track Car, TC.

The string of MOW cars.

A ballast clearning car.

This car installs new spikes. They are fed into a bin for installation.

These anchors are used to hold the rails to special rail plates called Pandrol plates.

An older Plasser American PST 16N stabilizer and tamper.

Another older tie remover car.

The newer Pandrol Jackson tie remover Model 925.

A tie replacer car.

The cab of a tie replacer car.

The Plasser American PBR 550 ballast regulator.

A tie remover.